Products and Services

We specialise in the design, development and production of innovative blow and injection moulded products tailored to individual customer designs and marketing requirements.

Products include blow moulded bottles and containers ranging in size from 250ml to 6 litres, and high quality precision injection moulded products used for a range of applications including food products. 
Customer product branding and decoration can be applied as part of the in-moulding labelling process to maximise brand and product impact.  We work closely with selected label manufacturers to achieve high quality and attractive results for customers that perform well in all product environments.
Quality management systems are ISO 9001 certified with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) by Telarc ensuring strict quality and hygiene requirements of customers can be satisfied.
We focus on integrating customer’s product and supply requirements into all aspects of our manufacturing and logistics systems to meet and exceed expectations. 
Our in-house toolroom facility enables the manufacture of prototype tooling to test and refine innovative product and manufacturing concepts.  We can work with you from conception to production, in various shapes, sizes and colours to help you achieve your product and marketing objectives. 

Frozen and Chilled Goods

Tamper evident food grade packaging including freezer grade tubs and containers.


We offer a complete range of food grade reclosure products from 99mm to 198mm suitable for cans, tins and other applications.

Spoons and Scoops

Custom designed spoons and scoops with a range of sizes and applications.

Blow Moulded Bottles and Containers

A wide range of stock products are available including blow moulded food service packs ranging from 2L – 5L for optimising customer branding, transport and storage.  Customer product branding and decoration can be applied as part of the in-moulding labelling process. 

Custom Moulding

We can manufacture a broad range of custom bottles and containers from 50ml to 6 litres, and injection moulded products from 5ml through to 12 litres, or 2 grams to 450 grams of any shape and size.

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